About Me

Currently deconstructing my faith (and entire life).

Learning to live in the present moment.

Boy mom x4.

Optimistic realist.

Outgoing introvert.

Other thing that starts with “O”.

Not very funny. (A little funny sometimes.)

Enneagram fans… I’m a social 2w3. Myers-Briggs people… I’m an INFJ.

Wtf does that mean, you ask? It means I am an extreme empath on a mission. Watch out, world, I WILL make you feel loved!! (not joking)

I’m a deep thinker who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Equal parts philosophy AND fun! Okay maybe 60/40…

Deadpan humor is my schtick. Dry wit. Whatever you want to call it. If something I write feels “off”, turn on your sarcasm font and it might make more sense. Good luck and may God be with you.

I’m a problematic night owl (hello 2am, we meet again…). Minimalist. Big fan of dessert. Collector of books that I swear I’m going to read. Mid-level nerd. My brain is filled with movie quotes and the current location of every item in my house (photographic memory ftw).

I’m glad you’re here! Don’t be shy, connect with me on social media… I’d love to hear from you. We each have a unique story filled with our own brand of Pain™, but trauma is trauma and you are NOT alone. Talk to me, Goose!